Friday, December 26, 2008

A Re-Post From The Filipina Mom In Denmark

This is a re-post of a post in The Filipina Mom in Denmark by Ms Ana Lindenhann, a Filipina living in Denmark. God has touched her heart to expose injustices done to Filipinos working or living in Denmark.

Request for help in repatriation of a Filipina

November last year the Filipino community in Denmark were shock when Dulce, an au pair was killed in a vehicular accident. There is a on going ban of aupair in the Philippines European countries like Denmark who still approves au pair visas to thousand of Filipinas. But when something terrible happens no one will take the responsibility not even the host country. But the Bayanihan (Cooperative struggle) spirit of the Filipinos with the help of the Philippines Embassy her body was sent to the Philippines. Read the rest of the story in

Now another sad story happened to a former au pair who suddenly complained of back pain but it turned out that it was cancer please read below the letter of her cousin.

Dear Friends,

My mom’s cousin ate Carina passed away last wednesday in Herlev hospital due to a very aggressiev form of cancer. She was brought to the hospital early november due to some back pains, which turned out to be fluid in her lungs. In around 1 month time, the doctors have discovered cancer in her kidney, liver, both lungs, intestines and bones. An operation or Chemo was not an option anymore as the cancer was very aggressive. She was in morfin for around two weeks to help her with the pain, and then she passed away in her sleep last wednesday.

She hasnt been back home in the philippines for six years, her family here has not seen her in a long time. Her last wish was to be able go back and rest here. I am asking for any amount of donation you can help us in our fund raising, so she can be here with her mother and siblings before christmas.

Please see attached file, and I thank you all in advance.


Babaylan Denmark, which I’m the board secretary is asking for kind hearted souls to help fund the repatriation of the body of Carina Camp David.

Here’s the announcement formthe Babaylan DK website:

Carina Camp David, 32 years old, passed away on December 17th, 2008 after a painful struggle with a kidney cancer at Herlev Hospital. Her dying wish is to be able to return home and be burried in the Philippines. For this, we ask for ask for your gnerosity and assistance in the form of cash donation to facilitate her repatriation and burial in our beloved country.

Carina David, Sept 15, 1976–Dec 17, 2008

Carina David, Sept 15, 1976–Dec 17, 2008

You may deposit your cash donation to
Babaylan-Denmark Bank Account, EIK BANK - 6610 2494890.
For further information, please contact Nitnit Mongaya at tel. no. 49194690 or email filomenitahm@qmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Additional information:

The Funeral mass this coming Monday dec.22 at St. Anne’s church. 11am.
There is also a Padasal for her this saturday 12pm at Bygmestervej 33 1tv. 2400 kbn. nv.

It is part of our customs to the Philippines to attend a funeral mass even if you are not friends of the family giving money as “abuloy” (alms) but the most important is condoling the family of the deceased. I live near a catholic church and a cemetery and 4 years ago my husband called me that it seems there was a demonstration of hundreds of Filipinos but it was actually a funeral of beloved Filipina who helped a lot of our Kababayans in her lifetime. But its not only famous or known people that Filipinos flock during funerals it just in our culture to offer condolences and prayers.

My Condolences to Carina Camp David’s family. I hope my donation and the others kind hearted people will help ease the pain that struck here family.

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