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A Re-Post From GMA News TV


Chief Justice Puno: 'Social volcano' on verge of eruption

MANILA, Philippines – Chief Justice Reynato Puno on Friday warned that the country’s “social volcano" is on the verge of eruption, and called for Filipinos to heal the wounds that divide the nation.
CHIEF JUSTICE PUNO: Let us heal the wounds of disunity. Supreme Court photo

Puno made no mention of what those wounds were, but the Supreme Court will likely be a deciding factor in diffusing tensions caused by the burgeoning political crisis that has gripped the nation.

Opponents of the constituent assembly resolution passed by the House of Representatives
last week are expected to question before the Supreme Court any attempt to call for a plebiscite ratifying Constitutional amendments passed by the assembly.

Public anger is growing over widespread perceptions that congressional allies are maneuvering to prolong President Gloria Arroyo’s stay in power. A wide array of groups converged in Makati’s financial district last Wednesday in the biggest political demonstration this year.

Isang bansa na hindi sinusunod ang mga batas, isang bansa na sirang-sira ang moralidad dahil sa corruption
Chief Justice Reynato Puno

Organizers have promised more to come if the House insists on pursuing Charter change through a constituent assembly when Congress opens in July.

"Nararapat na pigilin ang napipintong pagsabog ng isang social volcano sa ating bayan (We should stop the social volcano from erupting)," Puno said in a speech at the 111th Independence Day celebration at the foot of the Bonifacio Monument in Caloocan City.

Elsewhere in the speech, Puno compared the country itself to a volcano: “Isang bansa na gaya ng isang bulkan ay tila handa nang sumabog."
Watch news video of Puno speech

"Let us heal the land, hilumin natin ang sugat ng pagkakawatak-watak," Puno continued. “Wag na tayong nagbabangayan, wag na tayong nagi-insultuhan, ‘wag na tayong magbabatuhan ng putik (let us heal the wound caused by dissension. We should stop quarreling, stop insulting each other, stop mudslinging)."

Puno avoided any specifics that would indicate what his sentiments were on Charter change, but he had strong words for the corruption and law-breaking he says are rife in Philippine society.

"Isang bansa na hindi sinusunod ang mga batas, isang bansa na sirang-sira ang moralidad dahil sa corruption," Puno said.

In addition to heading the third co-equal branch of government, Puno has often used his position as a pulpit to call for a moral regeneration in society, even naming public personalities who could lead a “moral force movement." Some analysts have interpreted these statements as trial balloons for a potential run for the presidency.

Political leaders since the time of Ninoy Aquino in the Senate in the early 1970s have evoked the image of a “social volcano" as a way of calling attention to growing public unrest.

A prominent opponent of the House con-ass resolution, Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros, actually beat Puno to the metaphor recently, asserting that “the social volcano that this injustice and arrogance will create will explode in their face," referring to her pro-constituent assembly colleagues in the House. - Amita Legaspi and Howie Severino, GMANews.TV

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Re-Post From GMA News TV

26 distressed OFWs return home from Qatar

MANILA, Philippines - After three months of working without pay in Qatar, 26 overseas Filipino workers (OFW) have finally returned home, a senator said on Wednesday.

In a statement, Senator Manuel Villar said that the group – originally consisting of 35 workers –went to Qatar last October to work for an interior decorating and furnishing outfit.

But just a few months into their jobs, the OFWs reportedly wrote to him complain

“Since we started work, our salaries have been always partially given, until such time when we were not getting any for almost three months. Our families in the Philippines have nothing more to eat."

Villar endorsed their case to the Department of Foreign Affairs, while the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration facilitated their repatriation.

He said one of the OFWs, Orlando Barazon, arrived on May 21, Romel Panaligan and Eduardo Baro on May 25, and Arthur Hernandez, Nicky Aguilon and Danilo Javier on May 27, with 20 more others to follow.

Villar said the repatriated workers will go to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration on June 1 to file charges against their employer and agencies.

Nine of the 35 workers, on the other hand, have opted to stay in Qatar to look for new jobs.

The names of the 35 workers are as follows:
1. Orlando Barazon
2. Romel Panaligan
3. Eduardo Baro
4. Arthur Hernandez
5. Nicky Aguilon
6. Danilo Javier
7. Joselle Gacuya
8. Mar Ignacio
9. Felipe Dichoso
10. Erwin Dolor
11. Allan Delarea
12. Gregorio Masangkay
13. Michael Pedrezuela
14. Bernie Baclas
15. Arlan Falogme
16. Peter Sakballon
17. Danilo Javillonar
18. Joselito Dichoso
19. Emmanuel Bautista
20. Jonathan Javier
21. Arceo Galibio
22. Danilo Genova
23. Sulpicio Ubando
24. Almar Ramos
25. Berlin Sedurante
26. Adelio Ruanto Jr.
27. Marciano Dichoso
28. Richard Ravelo
29. Michael Aque
30. Alberto Reyes
31. Jimmy Rivera
32. Ramil Manito
33. Joemar dela Cruz
34. Rene Antonio
35. Reiner Sala.
- Kimberly Jane T. Tan, GMANews.TV

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A Re-Post From Philippine Star

5-year-old Taiwanese from RP has flu, too
Updated May 24, 2009 12:00 AM
Photo is loading...
A security guard watches over his post wearing protective face mask as another man adjusts his mask inside a hospital compound in Manila yesterday. AP

MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Health (DOH) said it is looking into a report that two Taiwanese visitors – a mother and her five-year-old daughter – caught the A(H1N1) influenza virus in the Philippines.

A 30-year-old Taiwanese woman who reportedly attended a yoga workshop in the Philippines from May 16 to 20 was earlier confirmed to have contracted A(H1N1) influenza in the country, the DOH said in a statement. Her daughter was later also found positive for the flu virus.

However, the two were not diagnosed until after they returned to Taiwan.

“The Philippine Department of Health has started investigating the matter. We are coordinating with the Taiwanese authorities and trying to contact the organizers to be able to trace all the attendants of the (yoga) event,” the statement said.

About 100 or more people from the United States, Canada and Australia reportedly attended the yoga workshop, the department said.

It was not clear how the woman and her daughter got infected, health department officials said.

They said the woman might have contracted the virus from the other foreign participants of the yoga session or the disease could already have been incubating when she left Taiwan together with her daughter but manifested symptoms only upon their return home.

Taiwan authorities were tracing people who had contact with the woman and her daughter.

Shih Wen-yi, spokesman for Taiwan’s Central Epidemics Command Center, said the mother did not have fever upon arriving at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport Wednesday, and she dined at a friend’s house that evening after resting at home.

According to Shih, who declined to identify where the patient lives, the woman developed a fever and other flu-like symptoms including coughing and weakness Thursday and was soon quarantined, as was her daughter that night after developing fever earlier in the day.

The center is investigating whether individuals who had contact with the woman are also suffering from the flu, Shih said.

The girl’s kindergarten class – affiliated with Guangfu Elementary School in Taipei’s Zhonghe City – has been ordered closed until May 29, Shih said.

The kindergarten’s 119 teachers, staff members and students have been asked to stay home and take anti-flu medicine for 10 days, Shih added.

In control

In Manila, the DOH said it was “on top of the situation and we are closely monitoring this new development.”

The department stressed that there was no need to panic. “We continually strengthen our systems for effective surveillance, management and response,” it said.

“The Taiwanese health authorities are tracing the contacts of the patient during the flight. Again, we emphasize that the DOH is on top of the situation and we are closely monitoring this new development,” DOH Undersecretary Mario Villaverde said.

“The National Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan is in place and we continually strengthen our systems for effective surveillance,” he added.

He also explained why only 17 co-passengers of the 10-year old Filipina girl who tested positive for A(H1N1) have been put under observation.

“It’s our contact tracing. This infection is a droplet infection and that’s how the influenza is transmitted,” Villaverde said over Vice President Noli de Castro’s “Para sa Iyo Bayan” weekly radio program on dzMM.

“There’s direct secretion of the patient – colds, cough, sneeze. This is not airborne so only the close contact priority should be traced because it’s a droplet infection,” he added.

Dr. Yolanda Oliveros, director of DOH’s National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that while the department does not ban big gatherings, it urges organizers and participants to observe precautionary measures against the A(H1N1) flu virus.

“If they can postpone the gathering, better. But if not, the DOH has issued guidelines that they can follow,” she added.

The DOH recommends that gatherings be held in open-air venues without overcrowding and that the venues must be equipped with hand washing facilities.

The DOH has also advised those with fever, cough and cold, among others, to avoid attending public gatherings.

Palace appeals

At Malacañang, Press Secretary Cerge Remonde appealed to the public to heed and respect the DOH’s approach to the A(H1N1) threat.

Reacting to calls from various groups, including Roman Catholic bishops, for the government to provide more information about the first confirmed case of the A(H1N1) virus in the country, Remonde said the Palace would leave it up to the DOH.

“We leave this matter to the Department of Health. They are in the best position, they have the training, expertise and proven capability to address threats like these,” Remonde said over state-run Radyo ng Bayan.

The DOH has declined to provide detailed information about the first A(H1N1) case in the country, except for the age and gender of the afflicted person.

Health officials explained that the identity and whereabouts of the 10-year-old girl were being kept upon the request of the girl’s family.

No symptoms

Meanwhile, the DOH said 15 of the girl’s 17 co-passengers in the plane that carried them to Manila from the US showed no symptoms of A(H1N1).

But DOH’s Villaverde said the 15 passengers and their housemates have been asked to undergo self-quarantine for 10 days and take Oseltamivir antibiotic to fight off possible infection.

“Our regional epidemiology units are coordinating with the local government units to contact the two other passengers who are spread in wider areas of Luzon,” he added. He did not identify the two.

The girl is said to be recovering and only has slight sore throat. She will still be made to undergo laboratory examination to determine if her viral load has reduced.

“It looks likes she had acquired the mild type of influenza,” Villaverde said.

Remonde said President Arroyo has ordered the DOH, Bureau of Quarantine and other concerned agencies to strengthen measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

These include the purchase of more screening equipment for passengers arriving from other countries.

Remonde said the DOH has been given full access to the funds of the National Disaster Coordinating Council and that the President is prepared to augment the funds for fighting the disease “as soon as the Department of Health will ask for it.”

Airport info campaign

The Manila International Airport Authority and the Bureau of Quarantine began yesterday a series of seminars for NAIA personnel to educate them and increase their awareness of the new strain of influenza virus.

“This is very important especially now that statistics of suspected and confirmed cases worldwide is escalating,” Alfonso Cusi, MIAA general manager, said.

“As we continue to monitor the arrival and departure of passengers through our thermal scanners, we also care about our workers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and their safety is paramount to us,” Cusi said.

The orientation includes basic information about the A(H1N1) virus, its background and how it is transmitted.

“In extreme situations like this, it is best to tap the airport employees themselves to help the MIAA and the Department of Health in their daily efforts to prevent the entry of the virus into the Philippines. Partnering with them translates into saving their lives as well as that of their loved ones,” Cusi said.

“On our first day, around 800 employees assigned at NAIA Terminal 1 participated in the awareness program. We hope to be able to reach out to almost 5,000 employees working in the NAIA complex within the next two to three weeks,” he added.

“These efforts are all aimed to unite everyone at the premier gateway so we can overcome this new challenge that affects everybody,” Cusi said. Sheila Crisostomo, Pia Lee-Brago, Rudy Santos, Marvin Sy

Philippine Star

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Re-Post From A Filipina Mom in Denmark

Information Hub for Filipina Au Pairs


Pictures taken in Malmo, Sweden

Photo Credits: Ana Lindenhann

Let me clarify about my first post about Sweden respecting the Philippine’s ban of deployment of Filipinos as aupairs which is the reason the title of my post is Filipinos is Filipino au pairs is not welcome In Sweden. It is not to discredit any au pair matching agencies that provide Filipino aupairs to families in Sweden but I just based the information on the announcement posted at their site at


I also based on the Philippines newspaper report last about au pairs which you can read here and I knew personally 2 Filipinas who worked as au pairs here in Denmark who we’re denied when they applied as au pairs after their term in Denmark. But they told me that their application was denied because Sweden uphold the au pair ban in the Philippines so I presumed that they don’t welcome Filipinos as au pairs. One of these two Filipinas went home to the Philippines because she did not apply to other country like for example in Norway but the other girl is in Sweden not as an aupair but as a student.

It was written in a hurry and was in fact happy that finally one country in Europe respects the Philippines au pair ban. But someone commented or corrected me obviously from an agency so I have to verify the matter to the authorities concerned right away.

I wrote the Swedish Migration Board for clarification and they replied to me last 24 April 2009 that

“Au-pair permit and citizens of the Philippines is a special case. Sweden can not give an Au-pair permit to a citizen of the Philippines if they apply from the Philippines. This is because they will not be allowed to leave the country with an au-pair permit. However, there are no general rule stating that we are not allowed to give a citizen of the Philippines an Au-pair permit. Hence if a citizen of the Philippines has a permit to stay in another country and from that country applies for an Au-pair permit this might be approved (if the persons fulfill the requirements).”

So Filipinos living outside the Philippines you still can apply as au pair in Sweden but you have to know your right so as not to repeat what has happened in Denmark and currently in Norway (based on the current news).

As part of au pair awareness I will post the requirements for applications as well the reiterate the rights of au pairs.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Manny Pacquaio KO's Ricky Hatton In The 2nd Round

Manny Pacquiao Sends Ricky Hatton To The Canvas

Manny Pacquiao Staggers Ricky Hatton With A Left

Pacquiao Tagging Hatton With A Right

Manny Pacquiao, a national hero in the Philippines and the current pound for pound champion of the world, knocked out the flamboyant Ricky Hatton in the second round of their scheduled 12 round title bout. Pacquiao decked the bull rushing Hatton twice in the very first round before finishing him off in the second round with a power punch left hook. It was by far the most spectacular victory by the new golden boy of boxing who humbles himself before the Lord in his every fight. Top Rank promoter Bob Arum even cited Manny as on the way to becoming the greatest fighter who ever lived. Pacquiao's stunning victory silenced the normally rackuous British fight fans who came in droves at the fight arena to witness their own national hero. Even the repressive Floyd Mayweather Sr., Hatton's trainer, was humiliated by the quickness of Pacquiao's victory. It clearly vindicated Freddie Roach and further cemented his hold as the best boxing trainer in the world. Two more spectacular victories against current title holders will officially cement Pacquiao's claim to being the greatest fighter of all time.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Upside Down Justice In The Philippines


Cops serve arrest warrant on Jun Lozada

MANILA, Philippines – A team from the Manila Police District on Wednesday afternoon served the arrest warrant against NBN-ZTE deal whistleblower Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr. at the De la Salle Greenhills in San Juan City.

SPO3 Pablo Flores of the MPD Warrant and Subpoena Section said Lozada would be taken to the MPD headquarters. “We’ll just prepare the documentation," Flores said in an interview on dzBB radio.

Lozada gave himself up to the arresting officers after lawyer Jose Manuel Diokno arrived and made sure that the arresting process was followed correctly.

“Kahit isang abogado ay makarating to make sure that everything is correct. Sasama naman ako nang matiwasay [I only need a lawyer to make sure that everything is correct. I would accept the arrest warrant without qualms]," Lozada in a separate interview on dzBB radio earlier.

Lozada’s arrest stemmed from the perjury charges filed against him by former presidential chief of staff and losing senatorial candidate Mike Defensor in connection with the allegedly anomalous $329 million national broadband deal the government entered into with China’s ZTE Corp. President Arroyo subsequently suspended the deal at the height of the controversy in 2007.

Lozada earlier claimed that Defensor forced him to lie about his supposed kidnapping by government officials when he returned to the Philippines from Hong Kong in February 2008.

Sourced From GMA News

In the Philippines, those who tell the truth about government's anomalies are those who are jailed. Big time corrupt officials sanctioned by the highest leadership of the land go scott free laughing all the way to enjoy their widespread plunder of the national coffers. Let all freedom loving Filipinos howl their protest against the inhuman arrest of whistle blower Jun Lozada. The man who should have told the truth but instead decided to hide behind the skirt of the Presidential power has been rewarded with a juicier government post with a large pot of largesse to be used in the government's effort to ram down cha cha on the Filipino people's throat. Let us all pray that the good Lord intervene and punish all these corrupt officials and free Jun Lozada from jail. SOBRA NA! TAMA NA!

Posted by: Mel Alarilla
Sourced From GMA News
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Friday, April 24, 2009

A Re-Post From Chubskulit- Rose's Obstacles and Glories

Chicken Ala Carte

I was blog hopping a while ago and I saw the recent post at Kevin's blog about this video that made me cry while I was watching it. This is a reality that I always tell my kids whenever they do not want to eat. This is also a very good reminder that we have to be contented and thankful for everything that we have. Even the things that we have is not exactly the ones that we want but still we are fortunate that at least we have something, other's DON'T have anything. Please watch the video guys! - Rose

As we partake our meals in our dining tables, let us pause for a moment to think and pray for those people who can only eat scrap food from the trash cans of fast food restaurants. They are the people who can barely eat a decent meal a day. Please see this video and have a really good cry. Then we will see how fortunate and blessed we really are. Happy viewing. God bless us all. - Mel

Chicken A la Carte - A True Story

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Posted by: Rose
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Monday, April 13, 2009

No To Cha-Cha (Sourced FromThe Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Inquirer Headlines / Nation

Analysis : Pushing Cha-cha may be playing with fire

By Amando Doronila
Editorial Consultant
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Posted date: April 13, 2009

After a long hibernation during the Lenten break, Congress resumes session on Monday, confronted by a renewed push to change the 1987 Constitution of a nation that does not appear ready for it.

The nation’s mood is like that of a sleeping tiger that can be provoked by fresh actions tormenting it.

Before the holidays, the public had been harassed by efforts initiated by administration allies in the House of Representatives to fast-track attempts to change the Constitution through the method of convening a constituent assembly [Con-ass] composed of the Senate and the House.

At the start of the recess, the two chambers were stalemated on the Con-ass procedure in which the House and the Senate would vote jointly, a procedure rejected by most senators, who preferred the Senate voting separately.

In its most recent public opinion survey on the Cha-cha [Charter change] issue, conducted from Feb. 2 to 15 and released on March 25, Pulse Asia provided a measure of the public mood on a set of 11 issues related to it.

The first relates to the extent of public knowledge about the Constitution. The presumption here is that if public knowledge or awareness of the Charter is inadequate, it would be unwise to rush the changes within the next 13 months before the presidential election in May 2010.

The survey found that nearly six in 10 Filipinos (57 percent) reported having little knowledge about their Constitution.

The second question asked was whether respondents were in favor of changing the Constitution now. The survey found that a big plurality (42 percent) was against it. On the other hand, 33 percent supported the move, while 25 percent were undecided.

Economy is top reason

It is important to note that between November 2006 and February 2009, the overall percentage of those against Charter change remained constant. But there was a slight drop in the level of support for constitutional amendments (-6 percentage points), which was matched by an increase in the level of public indecision on the issue (+6 percentage points).

On Question 3, whether it was appropriate to amend the Constitution at this time, the survey found that two out of three Filipinos (64 percent) said it was not—a view shared by the majorities (60-70 percent) in all geographical areas and socioeconomic groupings.

On the other hand, 25 percent of Filipinos said they were not opposed, while 11 percent were undecided.

Significantly and relevant to developments in the current global economic recession, the survey found that economic improvement was the top reason cited by those favoring Charter change. Those opposed think the Constitution is good enough and would like to avoid any chaos that may arise from changing it.

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Sourced From Philippine Daily Inquirer

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A Re-Post From The Filipina Mom In Denmark

A Re-Post From The Filipina Mom In Denmark


The many faces of child abuse

childrenAccording to the Children’s Convention which was ratified in the UN’s General Assembly in 1989; every child under 18 no matter where in the world has the right:

· Children’s rights to basic needs - such as food, health and a place to live.
· Children’s right to development -such as education, play, leisure and information.
· Children’ right to protection- such as against war, violence, abuse and exploitation
· Children’ right to participation- such as influence, participation and freedom of expression

But everywhere in the world most of these right are violated especially in the developing countries because of poverty and ignorance. Different customs and beliefs also dictates the norms in a particular society.

In the streets of Manila Philippines, you can see street children everywhere while you’re driving, outside the restaurants, in the markets, under the bridge and everywhere except in the big commercial centers where there are security guards. At night they sleeps in cartoon boxes or wooden carts and who knows if they had eaten anything. These children are stow aways, orphans or just that their parents don’t have any capacity to feed and house them. It was the same sight that greets me when I studied in Manila more than 20 years ago but now it’s worse. What is worse is that they are being exploited by syndicates. They use streets children to steal, sell like flowers, candies, cigarettes, wash window/windshields and a lot of thing. The police cannot eradicates these syndicates or even protects these children.Social Centers are filled and they just grow up to be hardened criminals or prostitutes. Who can help them these children? I know some good hearted people or organizations, religious institutions like Caritas Manila helps and takes care of them but it’s not enough.Another big issue in the Philippines and other developing countries id child labor when was very rampant before although it was outlawed it is still practiced by other businesses.
When I live here in Denmark I learned about other form of child abuse. One which makes my hair rise is the circumcision of young girls by cutting their clitoris because they are not suppose to enjoy sex. Thankfully that it was outlaw because it is against human right and not all Muslims practice this.

There are also people living under the poverty level and I watch sometimes that parents complain that they can provide their children what other can like toys, clothings and holidays which is they can not afford to go on vacation. But I think this is not a big problem here because of the Social Security they will be taken care unlike in the Philippines. What I think the biggest child abuse in the west is the sexual abuse which was these past few months dominated the newspapers. There was a case about a father who sold his daughters to do sexual favors to sick minded men with the consent of his wife. How about the famous Josef Fritzl Case in Austria where he raped and imprisoned his daughter in the basement for 23 year and produced 7 children. He admitted his crime and was recently sentenced to lifetime.

The are many faces of child abuse but sexual abuse and incest are most common here in the West. Children are being abused of people they trust and close to them. Last year there was a chief of police, teachers, sports trainer and even children. Who we gonna trust? Parents somehow become paranoid because of this. For example in Day care institutions, swimming halls or even in some places it is forbidden to take pictures.

Another form is bullying both form other children or by adults, children of alcoholic or drug addict parents or children who are thorned between parents in a divorce process and many more. Here in Denmark the parents, the teachers are being encourage to teach their children to learn what is inappropriate touch or when their rights are being violated. For example they are being thought to call 112 (hello 911 in other place) if they think their parents or anybody is hitting them. Once I was visiting my friend who was breastfeeding his 4 months old son while the two older was noisy and playing violently, she asked them to stop but after a while they won’t stop she throw a stuffed toy hitting one kid (it wasn’t intentional to hit them) and the older kid said, that he will call the police because the mother hit him. But the mother explain that it wasn’t intentional but still the son will not stop so she said ok just call the police but who gonna breastfeed the baby. So the boy who was 4 1/2 that time ask sorry.

Children’s Council -

in the Philippines call banatay Bata a project of ABS CBN


Since April is Child abuse prevention month I will research more about the the hotline one can call if they need somebody to call if they are victim of abuse or incest and other resources. I just want this post before 24:00 today.
As a mother my heart suffers when I hear about children who were abused or mishandled and I can only do one thing is to help create awareness and encourage others to do so. I support Rainbow who organized this event in Bloggers Unite.


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Warning To All My Readers and Friends

Some hacker has stole my identity, even my email account at Yahoo and Google and has spread this message below. They were able to hack their way into my private inbox and have sent the letter below to all my contacts. Please disregard that message since I did not send them. I am not soliciting financial help from anybody. Please be guided accordingly. Thank you all very much. God bless us all.

The fictitious letter

How are you today?, I am sorry i did not inform you about my traveling. I had been in "Berry St Edmond/UK" on mission, I had a misplace of my belonging on my way back to the hotel I'm staying and couldn't recover them until now which i am terribly stranded at the moment, I am very sorry i did not inform you before i traveled.
I am owing a hotel bill of $1,940 and I also need $1,750 to arrange myself and travel back. Please can you help me with $3,700.00 urgently so that i can solve my problems and travel back home.

I had been to the embassy and also the Police and they are currently looking into my case. I will check my e-mail later, all I needed is financial assistance from you to solve my problems and travel back home. Kindly keep this confidential because I don't want anybody to get worried about me until i travel back. Hope you understand me.

I had to walk about 25 minutes to the city library where i can quickly contact you and i have 30mins only on the computer. This is terrible please keep it secret. So if you care to help me out let me know on time so that i can forward you the details you need to transfer me the money through Western Union or Money Gram. I will pay back whatever you can afford to assist me with immediately i traveled back.

Mel Alarilla

Disregard this letter as it is a scam.

Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Re-Posted From Rainbow Bloggers Philippines

Sunday, March 29, 2009

PHILIPPINES: 'A Nation of Servants' - HK Journalist

Do we deserve this?


The war at home

by Chip Tsao

HK Magazine

The Russians sank a Hong Kong freighter last month, killing the seven Chinese seamen on board. We can live with that—Lenin and Stalin were once the ideological mentors of all Chinese people. The Japanese planted a flag on Diàoyú Island. That’s no big problem—we Hong Kong Chinese love Japanese cartoons, Hello Kitty, and shopping in Shinjuku, let alone our round-the-clock obsession with karaoke.

But hold on—even the Filipinos? Manila has just claimed sovereignty over the scattered rocks in the South China Sea called the Spratly Islands, complete with a blatant threat from its congress to send gunboats to the South China Sea to defend the islands from China if necessary. This is beyond reproach. The reason: there are more than 130,000 Filipina maids working as $3,580-a-month cheap labor in Hong Kong. As a nation of servants, you don’t flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter.

As a patriotic Chinese man, the news has made my blood boil. I summoned Louisa, my domestic assistant who holds a degree in international politics from the University of Manila, hung a map on the wall, and gave her a harsh lecture. I sternly warned her that if she wants her wages increased next year, she had better tell every one of her compatriots in Statue Square on Sunday that the entirety of the Spratly Islands belongs to China.

Grimly, I told her that if war breaks out between the Philippines and China, I would have to end her employment and send her straight home, because I would not risk the crime of treason for sponsoring an enemy of the state by paying her to wash my toilet and clean my windows 16 hours a day. With that money, she would pay taxes to her government, and they would fund a navy to invade our motherland and deeply hurt my feelings.

Oh yes. The government of the Philippines would certainly be wrong if they think we Chinese are prepared to swallow their insult and sit back and lose a Falkland Islands War in the Far East. They may have Barack Obama and the hawkish American military behind them, but we have a hostage in each of our homes in the Mid-Levels or higher. Some of my friends told me they have already declared a state of emergency at home. Their maids have been made to shout “China, Madam/Sir” loudly whenever they hear the word “Spratly.” They say the indoctrination is working as wonderfully as when we used to shout, “Long live Chairman Mao!” at the sight of a portrait of our Great Leader during the Cultural Revolution. I’m not sure if that’s going a bit too far, at least for the time being.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From The Philippine Daily Inquirer

‘Nicole’ recants, clears Smith

She’s now in US with P100K in payment

By Julie M. Aurelio, Norman Bordadora
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:25:00 03/18/2009

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MANILA, Philippines—The Filipino woman who accused an American Marine of raping her in November 2005 has not only recanted more than two years after winning a conviction but has also accepted money from him and flown to the United States for good.

This happened amid resurgent controversy over the Philippine-US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), which allows temporary US military presence in the Philippines.

At a press conference Tuesday, lawyer Evalyn Ursua said she was informed on Monday by the mother of her client, “Nicole,” that she had been dropped as legal counsel.

But Ursua promised to continue fighting the VFA and to assist other Filipino women in similar straits.

She said Nicole’s mother had handed her a letter terminating her legal services.

“Since it was Nicole and not her family who was my client, I asked Nicole’s mother why Nicole didn’t personally see me to hand the letter, or even give me a call. She replied that Nicole left for the US last week, for good,” the lawyer said.

Nicole also issued a sworn statement on March 12 saying she expected her motives to be questioned.

She raised doubts that US Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith had raped her, and suggested that she might have welcomed his sexual advances at the Neptune Club in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

She added: “My conscience continues to bother me realizing that I may have in fact been so friendly and intimate with Daniel Smith at the Neptune Club that he was led to believe that I was amenable to having sex or that we simply just got carried away.”

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Please Help Our Kababayan In Saudi Arabia

From GMA News TV

OFW abandoned by employer in Saudi Arabia needs help getting out of ICU

03/02/2009 | 10:40 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Relatives of an ailing Filipino worker currently confined at an intensive care unit (ICU) of a Riyadh hospital appealed to embassy officials to provide the necessary assistance to facilitate his discharge from the hospital.

The hospital bill of Eduardo Reyes, 62, at the in Shemaisy Hospital has reached SAR 16,000 or P208,000 (SAR1=PhP13), according to his daughter Lailani Reyes Dumagsad of Silang, Cavite.

Dumagsag with the assistance from Migrante International lodged a formal complaint to the Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA) and the Department of Foreign Affairs Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers’ Affairs (OUMWA) in a bid to demand immediate action to ensure the health condition and immediate repatriation of her ailing father.

Reports reaching Migrante International Chapter in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, showed that Reyes could be released anytime as soon as his medical bill is paid.

But A. M. Ociones, Migrante KSA chairperson, said that given the present situation, Reyes could not afford to settle his bill. Reyes has been abandoned by his employer for seven years.

He said embassy officials must immediately repatriate Reyes because all his legal documents are now expired.

Ociones in a letter to Philippine Ambassador Antonio Villamor and the office of OWWA’s Assistance to Nationals Service made the appeal to look into the condition of the ailing OFW after the relatives sought the group's assistance.

"Eduardo’s situation is very unfortunate. We hope he can be helped," Migrante-KSA said. - D’Jay Lazaro, GMANews.TV

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bansot Rice - A Heritage of PGMA

House to probe 'bansot' GMA rice
By Jess Diaz Updated February 17, 2009 12:00 AM
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MANILA, Philippines - Have you heard of GMA “bansot” rice?

The House committee on agriculture wants to know what it is, and the panel is launching an investigation.

Resolution 966, authored by Nueva Ecija Rep. Edno Joson, prompted the inquiry.

Joson said he has been receiving complaints from hundreds of farmers in his province about what they described as their “bansot” or undersized rice crops.

He said the problems began when farmers started using the hybrid seed SL-8, which the Department of Agriculture (DA) is distributing under its Ginintuang Masaganang Ani (GMA) program.

Among the problems farmers encountered with SL-8 seeds are premature flowering and poor growth of their palay, he said.

“Because of these, our farmers are forced to uproot the hybrid plants for replanting. They thus spend more on seeds, which drives them deeper into debt,” he added.

Joson learned that farmers pay P2,500 of the P4,000 cost of a sack of SL-8 seeds. The DA subsidizes the P1,500 balance.

The hybrid is named after its supplier, SL Agritech, whose owner Henry Lim Bon Liong is reportedly a close friend of Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap.

The company’s product is the only hybrid seed that the government subsidizes. Other suppliers and importers like Bayer and Pioneer have to sell at market prices.

Joson smells an irregularity. He said the House should ask Yap why only one supplier is receiving hundreds of millions in subsidies.

He said another problem farmers encounter is that by the time they replant other varieties after uprooting their hybrid plants, it would already be the rainy season, and they would have to contend with possible extreme weather conditions that could destroy their new crops.

He said the problems farmers are reporting have implications for the country’s rice supply.

“When the hybrid was introduced, the government told rice farmers that it entailed low production cost but would give them higher yields. Now farmers are experiencing the opposite,” he said.

He pointed out that among the country’s more than 75 provinces, Nueva Ecija is the largest rice producer.

According to reports, Yap’s department had P551 million in hybrid rice subsidy in 2004, P780 million in 2005, P1.6 billion in 2006, and P2.5 billion in 2007.

Joson said the House should determine where all these funds went.

Yap’s agency has become one of the most scandal-ridden departments.

Among other controversies, there was the P728-million fertilizer scam in 2004, the much bigger P5-billion swine lending scandal in 2004 and 2005, and a repeat of the fertilizer and farm input irregularities in 2007 and 2008.

In the fertilizer scam, funds were given to congressmen and local officials who were administration allies. The recipients in turn gave away the money to private foundations.

The same pattern of misuse of funds was repeated in 2007 and 2008.

Sourced at Philippine Star, February 17, 2009 (Report by Mr. Jess Diaz)

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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Re-Post From Lavern Tan of Pinoy Ambisyoso

Cebu and Bohol Trip Photos

Last December 2008, me and my family went to visit relatives in Cebu. We spent 4 days and 3 nights in the city. It’s our second visit since 2001. Cebu City is one of the best cities i’ve been in the Philippines. I’d choose to live in Cebu if Manila is not around lol. Cebuanos are very friendly, accommodating and hospitable. I’m sure my friend Mc Billy would agree!

I’ve noticed a lot of improvement in Cebu after a long time visit. If you love malls, i’m sure you’ll love Cebu’s Ayala Center. The mall is not just for shopping, but also a place to hang out with friends. Read Dyosa’s review and photos - LOV’EMALL! AYALA CENTER CEBU’S THE TERRACES.

As part of our visit, we also had the chance to visit the beautiful island of Bohol. Travel from Cebu to Bohol would only take 45 minutes and would only cost you a round trip fare for PhP1500 via Supercat. You need a van or a car while traveling in Bohol. Tip, you can find a rent a van when you arrive in the port area. It would cost you PhP3000 - PhP4000. It’s a whole day package which includes all the best places in Bohol.

Let me show you some photos :

Close encounter with the lovable Tarsier in Bohol
Tarsier in Bohol

The popular Loboc River
The Loboc River in Bohol
Tourist attraction Chocolate Hills
Chocolate hills
Sea gypsies at the Port Area of Tagbilaran, Bohol
Sea Gypsies in Port Area of Bohol
Me at the Chocolate Hills side
Loboc River entrance with my family
Family and friends photo at Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu
First stop in Bohol. The first blood compact site in Bohol
My nephew photo at Shangrila Hotel Cebu

Unfortunately, we missed the famous Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Next year, i’ll make sure to witness the festival. So mark your calendar as early as today! Me and Roel are planning to be there. We want all interested bloggers to come with us and let’s have fun!

By the way, i would like to thank the talented Mc Billy for making my header! Looks great right? Hope you like it too!

Posted by; Lavern Tan

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From Istayl Sugbo of Francis Daniel Maning

Sushi Chef Cebu For Hire

Sushi Chef Cebu For Hire

Hi there people! Allow me to promote myself. I am Francis Daniel Maning, I am a Filipino who loves cooking Japanese food. I work at MIZU Japanese Restaurant at Waterfront as a Sushi Chef.

I do on the spot teaching lessons for individual or group for a fee. I teach basic Japanese dishes such as Teriyaki, Teppanyaki, Tempura, Rice Toppings, Sushi and Sashimi preparations, etc..

If you are also planning to put up a Japanese restaurant, you could also hire me as a Chef to start with your operations, create your first menu, and introduce to you some new and innovative dishes that would fit the current market.

I also welcome teaching lessons for students from schools here in Cebu. 1

To contact me, simply email me at or text me thru 09053227979. Just introduce yourself and your offer. I will be very glad to do business with you. See you then!
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

(A Repost) - Help Needed by Father Blogger- blood transfusion urgently needed for his wife, diagnosed with dengue fever

Angel Cuala

This is a repost from the The D Spot by Dine (Dines) Racoma and from Walkingnewspaper by Gagay.

A co-blogger, Angel Cuala ( is asking for financial help—his wife, Mylene is currently confined at CP Reyes Hospital in Tanauan City, Batangas. She has been diagnosed for dengue, and is in immediate need of blood transfusion: 4 packs of fresh frozen plasma which costs P9,700. I guess that a husband and father will go this far for love of wife and child.

The request for help has been coursed through Janette Toral’s blog, by way of a comment. I have personally verified this after Janette sent a plurk message.

As of this writing, Angel has also rushed his eldest daughter, Angelene to the hospital, for the same symptoms as his wife’s. Angelene has also been admitted to the hospital.

The 4 packs of fresh frozen plasma are now ready for transfusion, but the hospital is just waiting for payment. In the meantime, Angel has already exhausted his financial resources, and is seeking help from kind hearts.

You may call up Angel personally or send him a text message in case you want to help, at: 0919 320 8296 (or 0920 481 9254, Mylene’s number). You may also send money through Western Union, to: ANGELO FERNANDO V. CUALA, with home address at 799 G. Leviste St., Poblacion Malvar, Batangas.

The hospital’s phone number is: (043) 7781119.

Let’s help our co-blogger. You may please send a donation, pass on this message or post it in your blogs. And YES, OUR PRAYERS, too. Thank you.

Btw—If you send money through Western Union, please text the details to Angel (0919 320 8296) or Mylene (0920 481 9254) for ease of withdrawing the money.

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