Thursday, January 22, 2009

(A Repost) - Help Needed by Father Blogger- blood transfusion urgently needed for his wife, diagnosed with dengue fever

Angel Cuala

This is a repost from the The D Spot by Dine (Dines) Racoma and from Walkingnewspaper by Gagay.

A co-blogger, Angel Cuala ( is asking for financial help—his wife, Mylene is currently confined at CP Reyes Hospital in Tanauan City, Batangas. She has been diagnosed for dengue, and is in immediate need of blood transfusion: 4 packs of fresh frozen plasma which costs P9,700. I guess that a husband and father will go this far for love of wife and child.

The request for help has been coursed through Janette Toral’s blog, by way of a comment. I have personally verified this after Janette sent a plurk message.

As of this writing, Angel has also rushed his eldest daughter, Angelene to the hospital, for the same symptoms as his wife’s. Angelene has also been admitted to the hospital.

The 4 packs of fresh frozen plasma are now ready for transfusion, but the hospital is just waiting for payment. In the meantime, Angel has already exhausted his financial resources, and is seeking help from kind hearts.

You may call up Angel personally or send him a text message in case you want to help, at: 0919 320 8296 (or 0920 481 9254, Mylene’s number). You may also send money through Western Union, to: ANGELO FERNANDO V. CUALA, with home address at 799 G. Leviste St., Poblacion Malvar, Batangas.

The hospital’s phone number is: (043) 7781119.

Let’s help our co-blogger. You may please send a donation, pass on this message or post it in your blogs. And YES, OUR PRAYERS, too. Thank you.

Btw—If you send money through Western Union, please text the details to Angel (0919 320 8296) or Mylene (0920 481 9254) for ease of withdrawing the money.

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