Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Re-Post From A Filipina Mom in Denmark

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Pictures taken in Malmo, Sweden

Photo Credits: Ana Lindenhann

Let me clarify about my first post about Sweden respecting the Philippine’s ban of deployment of Filipinos as aupairs which is the reason the title of my post is Filipinos is Filipino au pairs is not welcome In Sweden. It is not to discredit any au pair matching agencies that provide Filipino aupairs to families in Sweden but I just based the information on the announcement posted at their site at


I also based on the Philippines newspaper report last about au pairs which you can read here and I knew personally 2 Filipinas who worked as au pairs here in Denmark who we’re denied when they applied as au pairs after their term in Denmark. But they told me that their application was denied because Sweden uphold the au pair ban in the Philippines so I presumed that they don’t welcome Filipinos as au pairs. One of these two Filipinas went home to the Philippines because she did not apply to other country like for example in Norway but the other girl is in Sweden not as an aupair but as a student.

It was written in a hurry and was in fact happy that finally one country in Europe respects the Philippines au pair ban. But someone commented or corrected me obviously from an agency so I have to verify the matter to the authorities concerned right away.

I wrote the Swedish Migration Board for clarification and they replied to me last 24 April 2009 that

“Au-pair permit and citizens of the Philippines is a special case. Sweden can not give an Au-pair permit to a citizen of the Philippines if they apply from the Philippines. This is because they will not be allowed to leave the country with an au-pair permit. However, there are no general rule stating that we are not allowed to give a citizen of the Philippines an Au-pair permit. Hence if a citizen of the Philippines has a permit to stay in another country and from that country applies for an Au-pair permit this might be approved (if the persons fulfill the requirements).”

So Filipinos living outside the Philippines you still can apply as au pair in Sweden but you have to know your right so as not to repeat what has happened in Denmark and currently in Norway (based on the current news).

As part of au pair awareness I will post the requirements for applications as well the reiterate the rights of au pairs.