Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Upside Down Justice In The Philippines


Cops serve arrest warrant on Jun Lozada

MANILA, Philippines – A team from the Manila Police District on Wednesday afternoon served the arrest warrant against NBN-ZTE deal whistleblower Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr. at the De la Salle Greenhills in San Juan City.

SPO3 Pablo Flores of the MPD Warrant and Subpoena Section said Lozada would be taken to the MPD headquarters. “We’ll just prepare the documentation," Flores said in an interview on dzBB radio.

Lozada gave himself up to the arresting officers after lawyer Jose Manuel Diokno arrived and made sure that the arresting process was followed correctly.

“Kahit isang abogado ay makarating to make sure that everything is correct. Sasama naman ako nang matiwasay [I only need a lawyer to make sure that everything is correct. I would accept the arrest warrant without qualms]," Lozada in a separate interview on dzBB radio earlier.

Lozada’s arrest stemmed from the perjury charges filed against him by former presidential chief of staff and losing senatorial candidate Mike Defensor in connection with the allegedly anomalous $329 million national broadband deal the government entered into with China’s ZTE Corp. President Arroyo subsequently suspended the deal at the height of the controversy in 2007.

Lozada earlier claimed that Defensor forced him to lie about his supposed kidnapping by government officials when he returned to the Philippines from Hong Kong in February 2008.

Sourced From GMA News

In the Philippines, those who tell the truth about government's anomalies are those who are jailed. Big time corrupt officials sanctioned by the highest leadership of the land go scott free laughing all the way to enjoy their widespread plunder of the national coffers. Let all freedom loving Filipinos howl their protest against the inhuman arrest of whistle blower Jun Lozada. The man who should have told the truth but instead decided to hide behind the skirt of the Presidential power has been rewarded with a juicier government post with a large pot of largesse to be used in the government's effort to ram down cha cha on the Filipino people's throat. Let us all pray that the good Lord intervene and punish all these corrupt officials and free Jun Lozada from jail. SOBRA NA! TAMA NA!

Posted by: Mel Alarilla
Sourced From GMA News
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