Sunday, April 5, 2009

Warning To All My Readers and Friends

Some hacker has stole my identity, even my email account at Yahoo and Google and has spread this message below. They were able to hack their way into my private inbox and have sent the letter below to all my contacts. Please disregard that message since I did not send them. I am not soliciting financial help from anybody. Please be guided accordingly. Thank you all very much. God bless us all.

The fictitious letter

How are you today?, I am sorry i did not inform you about my traveling. I had been in "Berry St Edmond/UK" on mission, I had a misplace of my belonging on my way back to the hotel I'm staying and couldn't recover them until now which i am terribly stranded at the moment, I am very sorry i did not inform you before i traveled.
I am owing a hotel bill of $1,940 and I also need $1,750 to arrange myself and travel back. Please can you help me with $3,700.00 urgently so that i can solve my problems and travel back home.

I had been to the embassy and also the Police and they are currently looking into my case. I will check my e-mail later, all I needed is financial assistance from you to solve my problems and travel back home. Kindly keep this confidential because I don't want anybody to get worried about me until i travel back. Hope you understand me.

I had to walk about 25 minutes to the city library where i can quickly contact you and i have 30mins only on the computer. This is terrible please keep it secret. So if you care to help me out let me know on time so that i can forward you the details you need to transfer me the money through Western Union or Money Gram. I will pay back whatever you can afford to assist me with immediately i traveled back.

Mel Alarilla

Disregard this letter as it is a scam.

Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla
Warning/Spurious Letter

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